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In 2018, Colony Square reached its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, we had an idea to introduce a new series: ’People of Colony Square’—focused on people who have lived, worked and played on The Square and share their stories, their favorite memories of Midtown, what it was like back then and what they look forward to seeing as we transform the South’s first mixed-use development into Midtown Atlanta’s Living Room.

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Elizabeth Mosley and Andrew Bairstow

“We wanted to move here because of the access to a pedestrian lifestyle which has only improved through time and the development in town. It brought us together and everything is in walking distance.”

Rollin Mallernee

“I have worked at Colony Square for 45 years. In 1977 I got married; and in 1978, my wife and I bought one of the model homes at Hanover House.”

Kevin Green

“I moved to Midtown Atlanta in 1986 for law school, and I absolutely remember Colony Square from those times as a young and upcoming lawyer.”

Dr. Samuel Shelton

“One of my favorite memories of Colony Square from years ago, was a restaurant where 5Church Atlanta currently resides: COUNTRY PLACE.”

Christine Seeley-King
Dr. Samuel Shelton
Principal Research Engineer—Georgia Tech 
Santa Rick
Real Bearded Santa—Santa Rick 
Brenda Galina
Resident @ Colony House 
Dr. Solomon Cohen
DDS—Drescher, Cohen & Simian 
Dan White
Operations Manager—Charles Scwhab 
Jack Pyburn
FAIA, Principal—Lord Aeck Sargent 
Kevin Green
President & CEO—Midtown Alliance 
Fred Tharpe
Senior Director—Turner 
Rollin Mallernee
Member—Mallernee, Branch & Daffner L.L.P. 
Sue Hunter
Midtown resident and Writer 
Elizabeth Mosley and Andrew Bairstow
Colony House Residents, Soon-To-Be Newlyweds 
Jay, JoJo, Keyon
Amazon Treasure Truck